Author: David Rogers

Josh Hepple

Josh Hepple – Law graduate, writer, activist, disability equality trainer who has severe cerebral palsy. His impairment affects his speech and mobility and he relies on personal assistants 24/7. The prejudice that Josh has faced has given him great empathy for marginalised groups; especially disabled and LGBT people.

Josh has been a theatre reviewer and an Equality Trainer at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for many years. His Equality Training sessions are based on the social model of disability. Find out more about his Training here. Josh has contributed to various online news sources as a freelance commentator. His unique account of his experiences using Grindr has recently received substantial media attention. Whilst coming to terms with his impairment as a gay teenager in Edinburgh, Josh received excellent support from LGBT Youth Scotland and Gay Men’s Health. However, sensing the need for wider support in the area, Josh helped to establish the charity TalkTime Edinburgh, which provides free counselling for any disabled teenagers, regardless of sexual orientation. When not campaigning he can often be found having fun riding ponies. Learn more about training​ ​here​ or by contacting Josh here​Read more about Josh here -​ ​These LGBT Clubbers Say They Feel Shut Out Of The Scene Because They Are Disabled​​ – I’d love to shag in your toilet, if only I could get in.” ​ Buzzfeed, August 2017. Josh’ next tour is ‘Queer disability’ tour of London.

Andrew Lumsden

Andrew Lumsden joined Gay Liberation Front in London in 1970 which led to the creation of ‘Pride’. He invented Gay News in 1971 (first published 1972) and is an artist. Read more about Andrew here ‘A Pioneering 1960’s Gay Rights Activist on the time he staged a sit-in with a bunch of Drag Queens.’Andrew specialises in Soho and Bloomsbury history tours and is currently leading the ‘GLF Think In – Reclaim Pride’ programme. Contact Andrew on.


Sapphire is an actor/presenter/writer. She love takes major interest in British history from 1800’s to present day. Her main interests are the premier league, liverpool f.c, popular culture and banging, wobbling beats. She also cycles in London and goes to gym often. Saph is eager to be part of the ‘Lesbian London’ tour guide team.

Dan Glass

Dan Glass is a sex-positive, queer, healthcare and human rights activist, performer and writer – website is ‘The Glass Is Half Full’. Reforming ‘Aids Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP) London chapter in 2012 has catalysed healthcare and sex-positive programmes including campaigning for PREP, HIV Blind Date, protecting the National Health Service as well as enabling ‘HIV anti-stigma classes as part of the Beyond UKIP Cabaret in Nigel Farage’s boozer. In 2017 dan won ‘Activist of the Year’ with the ‘Sexual Freedom Awards’. Dan organises regular popular education programmes with the Training for Transformation educational programme born out of the Anti-Apartheid movement.

Damien Arness- Dalton

Damien Arness- Dalton is a Queer Londoner. Born and raised. A poet and writer who shares experiences of his own sexuality and queerness. Studied at the Royal Central School and Speech and Drama in BA Hons Drama Applied Theatre and Education. He delivers educational events inspiring young people and new audiences facilitating learning in politics and Science Communication. – writer at YESTERQUEER – Social HIStory of a gay Londoner. Damien co-ordinates the ‘Queerseum’ campaign for a permanent Queer Museum in London and is currently leading the ‘GLF Think In – Reclaim Pride’ programme.

Aderonke Apata

Aderonke Apata is a Human Rights Activist, Feminist and LGBT Equality Advocate who has a BSc in Microbiology and subsequently a Masters of Public Health and Primary Care. Winner Positive Role Model for LGBT National Diversity Award 2014, where she was described as “an unstoppable force in fighting for justice”, she is number 41 & 67 on the RanbowList2014 & RainbowList2015 respectively as one of the most influential LGBT people in the UK. Aderonke was named LGBT Heroine of the year 2015 by DIVA Magazine in recognition of her achievements in the LGBT community. Aderonke is the founder of African Rainbow Family, an LGBT group that supports LGBTIQ asylum seekers and people of African heritage in UK and campaigning for the Repeal of the toxic Nigerian Anti-LGBTIQ Law. She also started Manchester Migrant Solidarity, a self help group offering practical supports and building a powerful political voice against the systematic mistreatment of migrants in the UK. Aderonke specialises in ‘LGBT+ Migrant Rights’ tours. Contact Aderonke on

Sami Cee

Sami Cee is a nurse-activist mobilising a queer resistance to protect the NHS and an activist with ACT UP LONDON and Sexual Avengers – a collective of queer campaigns and individuals using the fiftieth anniversary of both partial decriminalisation of homosexuality and the Abortion Act to catalyse new networks and skills and build long-term action and change for the rights of all LGBTQIA+ people.

Han Smith

Han Smith only watches films that are queer! She gorges herself on cinema made by lgbtq+ folks & about lgbtq+ life & communities when she isn’t working with People & Planet, a student led network organising for workers rights, migrants rights and climate justice. She set up No Pride In BP, the campaign that refuses to let fossil fuel companies use National Student Pride to improve their image; she’s also involved with environmental direct action network Reclaim the Power. Han was a founding member of an Oxford based party for queers called Molly, and has recently been enjoying a revival of local queer history and zines in Oxford! Han is a queer feminist that runs workshops celebrating radical body love – they involve a lot of hip bum chest power moves, a ‘power face’ and Chaka Kahn! Han can’t wait to run tours of lesbian HERstory in London, where across the 90’s and noughties she lived both north and south of the river, growing up with alternative indie and DIY queer spaces. Han’s next tour is ‘Lesbian London’.


Olimpia is a doctoral researcher working on the politics of inclusion, and on queer uses of time/space. She is part of the campaign to open London’s first community-owned, community-run, late-license queer pub with the activists from The Friends of the Joiners Arms. Olimpia’s next tour is ‘Queer Tour of Whitechapel’.