About US

We exist to shine a light on London’s rich LGBTQI history through creative and life-affirming interactive tours. We tell the stories of London’s queer history, shedding light on the lives, spaces, identities, repression and resistance that form the backdrop of LGBTQI lives today.

We do this through educational, accessible and interactive walking tours, cabarets, street-art and events that bring life to the complexities and lived experiences of our history, present and vision for the future.

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The tours serve three main purposes:

  • Shine a light on London’s rich LGBTQI history through creative, audacious and life-affirming interactive walking tours
  • Knowledge is power – understanding our queer history to build for our queer future
  • Generate people power and financial support for London’s queer campaigns.

How can I get involved?

‘Queer Tours of London’ are for everyone in London – visitors and residents – to be inspired by our history and get involved in our future.

We also welcome requests for special-themed tours, private tours and all kinds of collaborations. Contact with us on queertoursoflondon@gmail.com for all involvement, press requests and collaborations.

Tours we’ve run:

  • The Very Queer West End – Queer Theatre History
  • Queer tour of Hackney
  • Section 28
  • Lesbian London
  • Queer tour of Soho
  • Trans London
  • Queer tour of Bloomsbury
  • Queer disability Justice
  • Brixton Dykes on the Rampage with the Rebel Dykes
  • Bangladeshi queer tour of Whitechapel
  • LGBT+ Migrant History
  • Queer Greenwich – a walking history tour with Queercircle

The journey so far

We launched in 2017 as a landmark year – the 50th anniversary of the passing of the ‘Sexual Offences Act’ and we have certainly made the most of this year to continue the journey for sexual freedom. Led alongside ‘East London Strippers Collective’ we launched the year with ‘Look Back in Pride’ to learn from our history. This led ‘Queer Tours of London – A Mince Through Time’ to bring forth the visibility of our incredible sexual revolutionary community – to harness our history for change today. Against the backdrop of the mass closure of LGBTQI, women’s and sexually dissident cultural spaces and support services, this supports current sex-positive activism, culture and performance in all its glory.

We have been honoured to collaborate with institutions and social movements in every corner of London. 2017 highlights include: Rebel Dykes ‘Brixton Dykes on the Rampage’, the African Rainbow Family on LGBT+ Migrant rights;  crawling up the House of Lords to commemorate radical sexual freedom history; agitating queer venues to become more accessible; successfully helping win back queer venues.

Since then we have: demanded a permanent museum to celebrate sexual freedom, organised ‘pretty police’ orgies in the bushes, called for a full apology not just a pardon for queers, paid tribute to the stories of those sexual deviants untold, launched ‘Unfinished Business – LGBTQIA+ Voices of the Revolution’ festival, and torn up the streets of London in drag on the ‘Bang Bus’.