Dani Dinger

Dani ‘The DaniSinger Experience’ Singer aka Dani Dinger has “a winning smile” (Exeunt Magazine 2018) and a gender which has been described as “one of the great ideological experiments of the 21st Century” (Instagram direct message 2018). They have been tour guiding for ten years in different guises, and have been part of QToL for almost two. They’re best known for being the person who gets naked at clubs. #RobbieWilliamsIsMyGender #TransOnTrend. Dani specialises on ‘Hackney’ tours, Trans history tours and Soho Tours. Dani’s next tour is next tour is ‘The Very Queer West End Queer History’ Tour. Contact Dani on ‘Queer Tour of Whitechapel’.