LGBTQI+ Voices of the Revolution – October 2017 – Artist Call Out

‘LGBTQIA+ Voices of the Revolution’ Artist Call – Out – please fill in the application questions here and  Sign up the facebook community page here


In association with ‘In Place of War’, ‘African Rainbow Family’ and a range of global LGBTQI+ grassroots movements and diaspora LGBTQI+ activist movements who have fed homophobic persecution to the UK – we shall be curating and producing a musical showcase to tour the UK’s leading music venues as well as within protest sites in October 2017. This is inspired by last year’s In Place of War – Voices of the Revolution. The showcase brings together an inspirational line up of LGBTQI+musicians from countries where it is illegal to be LGBTQI+ to collaborate, create and perform with each other. The workshops with young people will also take place in this time and the young people will be invited to attend the performances.

‘LGBTQI+ Voices of the Revolution’ exists to celebrate previous generations of queer activists and cultivate the next generation of artists, activists and changemakers dedicated to ending homophobia, transphobia and all forms of oppression. To take place between October 9th – 22nd 2017.


This year marks the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Sexual Offences, decriminalising abortion and homosexuality in the UK. Still, fifty years on, the struggle against sexist, racist, homophobic and transphobic oppression still continues, with some communities bearing more of the brunt than others. If 2017 thus far has been the year of trumpist islamophobia, homophobia and the whitewashing of racist agendas in the name of queer and trans liberation struggles, VoR ’17 is going to turn that all on its head. Bringing together LGBTQI+ artists from countries around the world where it is illegal to be queer we will showcase musicians and artists whose work expression is both unapologetically Queer and uncompromisingly anti-racist. Think radical and outrageous revolutionaries who struggles are multi-layered and universal: beautiful voices of global and intersectional resistance.


  • Musicians from countries where it is illegal to be LGBTQI+
  • UK-based activists, artists and social movements who support people from anywhere in the world fleeing homophobic persecution and (2) work to confront and overturn homophobic legislation in Britain and beyond (3) work to support LGBTQI+ asylum seekers and the oppressive detention system.
  • Music producers / organisations musical and human rights organisations to partner and collaborate with.
  • A team of London based artists, activists and event coordinators to help bring ‘LGBTQI+ Voices of the Revolution’ to life!
    Please get in contact with ASAP and spread the word with all those you think will appreciate!

The chosen artists will get the opportunity to showcase their art, collaborate and perform with other global LGBTQI+ artists and meet with artists, human rights organisations and LGBTQI+ institutions here in the UK who can support you and your ongoing work for artistic freedom. We are working with a range of organisations to ensure your wellbeing and duty of care.


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