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Book here for July Tours and Events! ‘Queer Tours of London’ Bonanza!

Book here for July Tours and Events! ‘Queer Tours of London’ Bonanza! – Pls share round the houses!

July 27th 2017 is the actual 50th anniversarty of the passing of the ‘Sexual Offences Act’ which led to the partial decriminalisation of homsoexuality in England and Wales – and we are celebrating in style! ***More to be added***

July 1st 2pm – Stoke Newington Town Hall – Hackney Pride 365 – 10 Spaces Left for this Saturday’s ‘Queer Tour of Hackney!’ – All booking details here – email ASAP to reserve your space – Find out more about Hackney Pride 365 by

Transgender nuns on the 55 bus, the grave of a Drag King and a gay cabaret in The Blitz. Uncover Hackney’s exciting history with Queer Tours of London as part of the Council’s Hackney Pride 365 celebrations. Hackney has a fascinating and not-to-be forgotten LGBTQI+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex) history. Starting outside Stoke Newington Town Hall Queer Tours of London will take people on a journey, telling the stories of Hackney’s queer history, shedding light on the lives, spaces, identities, repression and resistance that form the backdrop of LGBTQI+ lives today.

Please email ASAP! 🙂


July 1st 1pm – Carnaby Street – Where Pride Began – Queer History Walk with the Diana F+’ 

All booking details here –

Come and learn about Carnaby Street’s rich history of LGBTQI+ arts, activism, sass, cabaret, resistance, oppression and much more from people who were there at the time and have changed the course of Britain’s history.

Come and hear from Andrew Lumsden “pioneering gay rights activist of the 1960’s” who agitated with the Gay Liberation Front (GLF) who started Pride and who edited Britain’s first gay newspaper. Learn about the tumultuous lesbian meeting at the foot of Carnaby St in the 1960s led Esmee Langley author of ‘Why Should I be Dismayed’ and creator of Britain’s first Lesbian and Bisexual women’s publication ‘Arena Three, ‘, to give the general public and – perhaps even more important – lesbians themselves, a fairer and more evenly balanced picture of female sexuality. Come and explore how we can harness our history as a propeller for change today by campaigning to protect queer spaces.


July 10th 7pm – The book Club – Shoreditch –Unfinished Business: Illegal LGBT+ Legacies – ‘On the 50th anniversary of partial anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality please come to an evening of performances led by Kat exploring the continuing journey for global LGBTQI+ freedom’ – All booking details here


July 15th 2pm –  Disability Justice Queer Tour of London – Meet in Soho Square – Facebook page here – All Booking details here
How can I be proud of my LGBT+ identity at ‘Pride in London’ if I can’t even get to the bar to celebrate?
How can I mince, flirt and meet others if there is not even 1 LGBT+ bar or club that is fully accessible to the LGBT+ disabled community?
How can I be proud of my impairments if i’m discriminated to come on Pride?
Are you part of the LGBT+ disability community? Are you sick and tired of being ignored and tokenised? Want more action and less talk?

Well join Josh – a ‘Queer Tours of London – A Mince Through time’ guide, trainee lawyer and sexual revolutionary whilst we take to the streetsand in true queer provocative style do an informative and interactive tour of Soho to share the lived realities of the LGBT+ disabled community.


For this years 50th anniversary of partial decriminalisation of homosexuality ‘QUEER TOURS OF LONDON – A Mince Through Time’ are being set up to bring forth the visibility of our incredible community at large and the journey to how we became who we are today. Against the backdrop of the mass closure of LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex) cultural spaces and support services, ‘QUEER TOURS OF LONDON’ are being developed to support London’s current queer activism, culture and performance in all its glory.

London’s LGBTQ+ heritage is rich, diverse and important: but is often hidden and in danger of being forgotten. Our collaborations with Queer Tours are energetic, hopeful and vital explorations of this history.” Tom Furber and Jan Pimblett – London Metropolitan Archives

Queer Tours of London – A Mince Through Time’ – website herefacebook page here is buzzing and recent Vice article here ‘Meet the activists running London’s first Queer Tour‘  and the recent ‘Where is our Queer Museum‘ street-art actionvideoof our Wapping ‘love, life and human rights’ Tour and House of Lords queercommemoration

In Conversation with Aderonke Apata – the struggle for ongoing global LGBTQIA+ freedom on the 50th anniversary of England’s decriminalisation.

Sunday May 14th 3-5pm – African Rainbow Family – Queer Tour of London special – African Rainbow Family – Queer Tour of London special – the struggle for ongoing global LGBTQIA+ freedom on the 50th anniversary of England’s decriminalisation. Facebook page here and Eventbrite page here

2017 is the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales. But LGBTQIA+ people across the world continue to face grave threats. 76 countries still criminalise homosexuality. Come listen and learn from Aderonke Apata – Human Rights Activist, Feminist and LGBT Equality Advocate – an unstoppable force in fighting for justice about what we can do. We will tour iconic spaces that contribute both the oppression and freedom of LGBTQI+ migrants in London. We will finish at 5pm at the Home Office.

Monday May 15th 7.30-9pm – In Conversation with Aderonke Apata – the struggle for ongoing global LGBTQIA+ freedom on the 50th anniversary of England’s decriminalisation. – Facebook page here – please sign up to the eventbrite here – limited spaces – hosted by African Rainbow Family, The Glory and Queer Tours of London – A Mince Through Time Continue reading “In Conversation with Aderonke Apata – the struggle for ongoing global LGBTQIA+ freedom on the 50th anniversary of England’s decriminalisation.”

Amy Winehouse Late: Icon

Amy was a music, style and queer icon – delve into all these sides of her personality in this fun late opening.

You can also explore the exhibitions Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait and Pegasus: Love Is A Losing Game.

  • Hear the stories behind ‘Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait’ with our curator.
  • Enjoy live music performances by young artists from Amy’s Yard, the Amy Winehouse Foundation’s music programme.
  • Celebrate Amy as a queer icon with ‘Queer Tours of London’ who will be delivering a fabulous spoken word performance in tribute to Amy.
  • Inspired by Amy’s iconic image, make your own flower hair accessory with London Craft Club.
  • Learn more about street art from Lee Bofkin of Global Street Art

Admission includes entry to the two exhibitions, ‘Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait’ and ‘Pegasus: Love is a Losing Game’.

Exhibition Events Programme Sponsored by Sony/ATV Music Publishing

Box office: 020 7284 7384 /

Date: Thursday 4 May 2017

Time: 6-9pm

Price: £10 / £5 for students

Brixton Dykes on the Rampage

March 18th – 10am and 2pm tours – As part of the Rebel Dykes Fundraising events we are working with Queer Tours of London to bring you, Brixton Dykes on the Rampage. Ritzy Cinema, Brixton Oval, Coldharbour Lane, SW2 1 London, United Kingdom

You are invited to join our walk, tell your stories, listen to ours. We are inviting you to be part of the Fundraising vanguard for our unique DIY lesbian/queer documentary re-telling stories from the 1980s, and creating links with the lesbians/queer activists of today.

Brixton has always been a seething centre of queer and black activism. We will walk in footsteps of a bunch of Rebel Dykes who lived in squats around Brixton during the 1980s, creating dyke DIY spaces, zines and parties, whilst being active in numerous campaigns.

Meet up outside Ritzy cinema, and walk with us through the back streets back into the past, to learn about our present. Pay as you feel. Limited spaces so book a ticket ASAP

Online ticket sales for this event are closed.