For Immediate Release – ‘Let’s Go Outside’ #5 Pride protest to take place Sunday 27.06.21

It has been announced that the iconic George Michael tribute party / protest will take place this Sunday 27.06.21 in Hampstead Heath. 

This will be the 5th anniversary of the legendary party set up after the artist’s death in 2016. 

A coalition of London’s LGBTQI+ community are organising ‘Let’s Go Outside’ a ‘free party and protest to remember the Queer Icon’s, life, talent and courage in celebrating sexual freedom. Opening speeches include the founders of Pride from the Gay Liberation Front (GLF), Rebel Dykes artists and international LGBTQIA+ struggles such as from ‘March for Dignity’ from Tbilisi Pride, Georgia and ‘Make Poland Queer Again’ . 

The 5th anniversary event’s key messages to exist are 


1. To challenge the rise of LGBTQIA+ hate crime across Europe.

2. To confront the threats of conversion therapy.

3. To defy TERFS  and attacks on trans rights.


‘We, the LGBTQIA+ community will keep going out. Fighting against the hate inflicted on us, even in the smallest crowds, can save a life. For some people even one voice with the same message is enough to help them and events like this prove that people need their voices heard and will come together to make sure that they are.’ Naomi

‘We are Queers, Lesbians, Dykes, Zamis,, Gay, Bi, Pansexual, Polysexual, Asexual, Femmes, Butches, Sissies and Fags. We are Intersex, Trans, Gender Queer, Non Binary, Agender and Cisgender. This is not a definitive list of the ways we identify ourselves. We are unapologetic in our gender(s) and sexualities and will validate ourselves and each other. We create spaces where we are seen, listened to and heard and loved. Let’s Go Outside is one of these spaces. Big Fag Queer Love. X’ 

Jack Ash founding member of Queer Night Pride London

‘Done with the sofa? Done with the hall? Done with societally enforced standards of sexuality which don’t conform with your reality? On 8th April 1998 in a Miami public toilet, so was George Michael. So bring your friends, learn the lyrics to ‘Outside’, wear whatever makes you feel fabulous and ‘Let’s Go Outside’. Rest In Power George Michael! See you in the bushes.’ dan glass, Queer Tours of London – A Mince Through Time


27.06.21 – Celebrating FREEDOM with ‘Let’s Go Outside’ #5 – Opening ceremony – 2pm followed by DJ sets and FUN until midnight! facebook event page here

Follow the signs from Jack Straws Castle, Hampstead. 

Accessibility – We would like to have as many people from as many different background as possible at this event and we realise that the location of the event may prevent access challenges to some and we apologise for the physical nature, however, we want to do our absolute best to support as many people as possible to attend this, please get in touch with on with any requirements that you may have and we will do our very best to support you – don’t feel nervous about approaching the wellbeing space at any time before or during the event.

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Bring friends / lovers / family / picnic blankets / BYOB / Food 

Poster designer –

Money will be raised to support QUEERCIRCLE – an LGBTQ+ led charity working at the intersections of arts, culture and social action.

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