01.06.19 – OUTSIDE – This Is My Culture 3 – Back by Popular Demand!

‘Any right minded person would find this disgusting’

They shouldn’t be allowed out in public’

‘This Is My Culture 3!’ – Back by Popular Demand! June 1st noon at a Venue – Hampstead Heath Fuck Tree. Go to the Hampstead Heaths woods (nearest meeting point is ‘jack straws castle’) and follow the flags, music mincers. Spread the word. Bring suncream it’s gonna be CLUB TROPICANA! Spread the news. Share the Love, THIS IS MY CULTURE CREW! X

Done with the sofa, done with the hall? Done with societal limitations on our sexual freedom? On 7th April 1998 in a Beverly Hills public toilet, so was George Michael. Last year ‘THIS IS MY CULTURE’ event, which celebrated George in his favourite Hampstead Heath bushes, was such a success we are bringing it back! 2019 is the 20th anniversary of his song ‘Outside’ – so let’s do him proud!

OUTSIDE – THIS IS OUR CULTURE event is to celebrate the life, courage and dignity of a great artist and LGBTQI+ icon by marking the anniversary of the day George Michael was ensnared by a ‘pretty’ policeman in an LA toilet and subsequently arrested for indecency. Join us to pay tribute to LGBTQI+ sexual freedom, enjoy performances and George’s music wafting through the trees.

If you want to strut your stuff and perform on the day / are press or want to get involved in any way please email ecoqueeruk@gmail.com ASAP. Please spread the word to all those you think will appreciate.

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I.D. Magazine – celebrating george michael and the history of cruising


We are inviting you to help to recreate the spirit of that event. It will a celebration “somewhere Outside” but also a declaration of our rights to express our sexuality out in nature as George did. This will form part of a campaign to reclaim our “Sacred Groves” which you are welcome to join even if you cannot make this specific date.

This will be our 3rd year in this series. Our first was soon after George Michael’s death to celebrate what would have been his next birthday. Previously, he had responded to his arrest by saying “This is my culture” – which we have taken as our slogan here. The second, last year 2018, was to counter the fuss over “that” royal wedding with the “Real Qweens’ Wedding”.


Somewhere over the rainbow – To be announced on the morning of June 1st


The purpose of ‘This IS My Culture’ queer free party are –

  • To be unashamed about the culture of cruising and sex in leafy spaces, such as those that George Michael and other Londoners frequent.
  • To build a sense of supportive community by celebrating openly with each other in a similar way as any of the public may, without needing to seek approval from authorities to do this.
  • To acknowledge the growth of the eco-sexual movement and to celebrate its practices.
  • To gain momentum for these cultures to be recognized as having a right to exist and be celebrated without legal, moral and petty harassment.
  • In addition, many among us also seek a more spiritual objective:- Since ancient times these lands have had “Sacred Groves” where nature-based spirituality has been practiced. We wish to see these set up as revered places again, our natural temples wherein to celebrate our culture. These deserve and have a right to legal recognition and protection.


The previous events have involved a broad coalition of different activists, many of whom initially came together via Sexual Avengers, who now continue as a very loose network these days. For #3 we are looking to work with people from Act Up London, from the Radical Faeries of Albion, the Queerseum project, the revived think-ins of London GLF, various queer pagans, Queer Love Rites and Queer Tours of London – And maybe your own organisation too!

We are organizing this one via Eco-Queer UK – ecoqueeruk@gmail.com because the theme this time is focusing more on the rights of eco-sexuals to secure places in nature that are respected for these purposes – as well as enjoining the diverse communities of those who practice cottaging and cruising to affirm their pride in their culture. We welcome allies and other individuals who support our aims and recognize the values of these causes. We also need more people with some specific skills and resources.Please ask newly interested parties to send an email to the above address so that we have contact details available.

Contact ecoqueeruk@gmail.com / queertoursoflondon@gmail.com


The main focus will be to stage playful re-creations of the shooting of George Michael’s video for the song “Let’s Go Outside”. The first week of June is an anniversary of this.We aim to have many folk filming – we invite all participants to use their phones (with consent) or whatever equipment they have. Professional film-makers and videographers are being lined up to make a document of this. Performers and directors are invited to create their very own scenarios which may or may not involve audience participation and play.

Creativity in costume, elaboration and antics is up to everyone present !Vox pop interviews will happen – open to all to join in if desired.We invite drummers and acoustic musicians, poets and dreamers, cruisers and cottagers, drama queens and dowdy types, ritual makers and raspberry blowers, tree-huggers and free-lovers – from a diverse range of genders, sexualities and cultures.We also invite conscious contributions from allies in the Extinction Rebellion, Climate Change activists and ecologists. We protect what we love!

This is going to be another good one !yours in nature,

Miqx – On behalf of “This is My Culture”