19th Nov 2017 – Victory Party for Aderonke! Details for public and press

Queer Tours of London – A Mince Through Time’ are humbled to help organise ‘Victory Party for Aderonke’! – we have had a fantastic year with the the African Rainbow Family on LGBT+ Migrant rights and organising many events to celebrate the ‘Sexual Offences’ Act 50th anniversary – now it is time to celebrate Aderonke! Press requests to interview Aderonke at queertoursoflondon@gmail.com

“I am humbled and honoured to have made many amazing friends through this herrendous 13 years’ journey. Thank you Dukie and all of my lovely friends for coming together to organise and pay for this victory celebration party! What else can I ask for?
Do come and join in to dance and take a stand with me in the fight to make LGBTIQ people seeking asylum safe.” Aderonke Apata

Sunday 19 November
3pm – 7pm
St Paul’s Church Hall
Stoke Newington Road, London N16 7UE
Admission Free, All Welcome

Aderonke Apata is one of the most inspirational humans on Planet Earth AND NEEDS TO DANCE!!!

After a 13 year battle over her right to remain, Aderonke Apata has finally been granted asylum in the UK and we are throwing a Sunday afternoon party to celebrate. It’s a gathering for all her friends and fans and a public event for anyone who wants to help her celebrate her victory and support the struggle against homophobia, xenophobia, racism and inflexible borders.

With DJ Kartel Brown playing highlife, afrobeat and dancehall, guest artists performances and short talks from Human Rights activists.

Compared by Sadie Sinner!

Aderonke says: “I cannot thank enough everyone that supported me in this horrendous journey! You have all contributed to this victory. It’s impossible for me to list all of you that stood by me as you run into millions! Do know that I appreciate you all. I felt dehumanised when the Home Office said I was pretending to be a lesbian. This victory means hope and strength to other LGBTI people seeking asylum. With perseverance, steadfastness and love, they can overcome the rejections that they are facing in their asylum cases”. There are many people like me who are facing huge insurmountable difficulties navigating the asylum system in the UK. I will continue to do my bit in amplifying the voices of people who can only shout so far”.

There will be a raffle to raise funds for AfricanRainbowFamily a non-for-profit organisation that support LGBTIQ people seeking asylum and refuge and of African heritage. https://africanrainbowfamily.org/. You can donate here: https://africanrainbowfamily.org/donate/

Aderonke’s barrister, S Chelvan of No5 Chambers, said: “Aderonke’s case highlights the Home Office’s approach to sexual identity asylum claims is still not fit for purpose. In asylum claims, the negative history is in part a product of a system in the UK that still dehumanises LGBTQ+ applicants by continuing to detain, isolate, stigmatise and harm some of the most vulnerable groups in our society. We must demand change, starting at the highest level.”

Read more here:

Nigerian gay rights activist wins UK asylum claim after 13-year battle –https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/aug/14/nigerian-gay-rights-activist-aderonke-apata-wins-uk-asylum-claim-13-year-battle#img-1



AfricanRainbowFamily https://africanrainbowfamily.org/ , Manchester Migrant Solidarity Manchester MiSol – a self help convergence empowering all migrants. https://manchestermigrantsolidarity.org/ , Queer Tours of London www.queertoursoflondon.com , Duckie http://www.duckie.co.uk/and all Aderonke’s friends!