Bang Bus No.2. World AIDS Day Special – November 25th 2pm 2017 – All details here!

Bang Bus No.2World AIDS Day Special – November 25th 2-6pm 2017 – Website here and Facebook page here

Meeting point 2pm Soho Square – to end at 6pm back at Soho square

Click here to buy your ticket! – Very limited spaces

‘Tories – Don’t Die of Ignorance’

1986 – Remember when Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police James Anderton, backed by Margaret Thatcher, said “homosexuals, drug addicts and prostitutes who had HIV/AIDS were – swirling in a human cesspit of their own making”?

1987 – Remember when every single household got a AIDS – Don’t Die of Ignorance’ leaflet through their door?

1988 – Remember when ‘Section 28’ prevented schools from teaching about homosexuality and how in 2008 HIV+ children were turned away from schools?

1991 – Remember when Whitney Houston led thousands of Londoners to Trafalgar Square as part of the epic HIV – Vigil?

2014 – Remember UKIP’s Nigel Farage saying ‘Frankly, HIV+ migrants should be the last people we allow into Britain’?

2016 – Remember how women, trans, Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) stripped naked to protest against Gilead’s pharmaceutical greed? 

2017 – Remember how successes like the introduction of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PREP) has halted diagnoses amongst gay men today but HIV+ stigma for heterosexuals is still as isolating as ever?

Everyday – Remember how National Health Service (NHS) nurses, doctors and users continually put their lives on the line to protect the HIV+ community?

Remember the tragedy, sex, desire, isolation, activism, hate and love which have made the story of the HIV+ epidemic at the heart of the story of modern London?

       Click here to buy your ticket! – Very limited spaces

Well join the ‘BANG BUS – World AIDS Day Special’ an immersive theatre bus-tour of London journeying through the decades and places to bring the history of HIV+ in London to life. The BANG BUS is a literal and metaphorical vehicle for creative and radical social change. With the nurses, community activists and surprise guests at the heart of changing the HIV+ epidemic the BANG BUS – World AIDS Day Special’ serves to harness history to strengthen the fight today to protect the NHS and to demand a permanent AIDS Memorial in London. Read more about the BANG BUS here!

Profits go to ‘Keep our NHS Public’ and the ‘John Mordaunt Trust’. Get involved at


Are you an HIV+ or healthcare or ‘protect the NHS’ related organisation / community group who exists in spirit of the BANG BUS – World AIDS Day Special?

We would love to collaborate and weave all our stories of HIV+ in London on the BANG BUS. We are ringfencing tickets for group bookings now.

The bus is fully wheelchair accessible. Priority seats go to those living and loving with HIV+ and anyone involved in the protection and upholding of the values of the NHS.

Get in touch with / with any requests or to get involved (we are particularly looking for HIV+ go-go dancers)!

                                                                Click here to buy your ticket! – Very limited spaces

In 1991 Whitney Houston and Vernal Scott led thousands of Londoners to Trafalgar Square as part of the epic HIV – Vigil

AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power’ (ACT UP) LONDON protest at Gilead’s London HQ – April 1st 2016 as part of #PharmaGreedKills Global Day of Action