Han Smith

Han Smith only watches films that are queer! She gorges herself on cinema made by lgbtq+ folks & about lgbtq+ life & communities when she isn’t working with People & Planet, a student led network organising for workers rights, migrants rights and climate justice. She set up No Pride In BP, the campaign that refuses to let fossil fuel companies use National Student Pride to improve their image; she’s also involved with environmental direct action network Reclaim the Power. Han was a founding member of an Oxford based party for queers called Molly, and has recently been enjoying a revival of local queer history and zines in Oxford! Han is a queer feminist that runs workshops celebrating radical body love – they involve a lot of hip bum chest power moves, a ‘power face’ and Chaka Kahn! Han can’t wait to run tours of lesbian HERstory in London, where across the 90’s and noughties she lived both north and south of the river, growing up with alternative indie and DIY queer spaces. Han’s next tour is ‘Lesbian London’.