Get involved with the ‘History of London Queer Rave BUS Tour’

Have you enjoyed London’s queer clubs? Do you believe queer spaces are integral to the queer communities quality of life? Do you like partying? Do you want to learn from each other and build a new generation of queer artists and activists? Then please come here! 

‘History of London Queer Rave BUS Tour RAVE-ON-A-BUS’

First organising meeting – 22nd May 6-7.30pm at ‘London Action Resource Centre’ 62 Fieldgate St, Shadwell, London E1 1ES – see map here – nearest station is ‘Whitechapel’ – facebook event page here


This will be for this Summers’ ‘history of Queer Rave culture RAVE-DISCO-BUS’ to connect the generations since partial decriminalisation of homosexualy (1967) to build strength to continue the fight for queer spaces to promote the protection / creation of queer spaces – with DJ’s, performers and rabblerousers who made each place so special in person! Think DJ battles between the next generation, think bringing our glorious queer communities screeching to London’s streets, think building a new generation of queer artists!


We are trying to find the top 5 London LGBTQI+ music / club venues of the last 50 years (1 per decade) of ALL TIME? Not just for their musicality but for the empowerment they provided to the depth and breadth of our culture. This is an early draft and is developing daily – please make suggestions

1960’s – Le Duce – Soho
1970’s – Gay Liberation Front Disco
1980’s – Heaven
1990’s – Trade / The ‘Bell in Kings X’
2000’s – Bootylicious / Ghetto
2010’s – Royal Vauxhall Tavern / The Glory / Black Cap


What we need to make this powerful –

1. A fully accessible float / truck / bus 
2. DJ’s / performers from each decade and networks of current LGBTQI+ music / art networks to build the next generation.
3. Support from the venue organisers / club night promoters and partiers from each decade
4. Your ideas for the demands which the Queer Rave Bus promotes – i.e. (1) No more closure of London’s queer spaces (2) The re-opening of current closed spaces i.e. The Black Cap / The Joiners Arms (3) . Encourage the building of more social housing for the
LGBT+ community (4) Proper homelessness provision for queers (5) A permanent Queer Museum / community centre in London
5. Banners / decorations – to make the bus as rowdy and beautiful as possible.

All details at /

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