For Immediate Release – Activists pardon Queen on 50th anniversary tribute to 1967 Abortion and Sexual freedom activists

For Immediate Release – Activists pardon Queen on 50th anniversary tribute to 1967 Abortion and Sexual freedom activists

Ahead of the 50th anniversary of the amendment  to the ‘Sexual Offences Act’ and the passing of the ‘Abortion Act’, a coalition of LGBTQI+ rights and Reproductive Rights organisations are hosting a tribute night to celebrate the work of the activists who made it happen.The night will bring activists from across different generations together, and include a public pardoning of the Queen by the veterans who pushed for the 1967 partial decriminalisation of homosexuality who were previously criminalised.

Andrew Lumsden, former Editor of Gay News: “Pardons are for those who harm, not for those who suffer. In exchange for a British Parliamentary Apology to the tens of thousands of LGBT people who suffered in jails and outside them, in the British Empire and here, we will Pardon three men: King Henry VIII, who first criminalised us (1534); Henry Labouchere MP(1885) who shortened the lives of Oscar Wilde and Alan Turing; and David Maxwell Fyfe, Home Secretary 1951-1954, who arranged a witch-hunt against British gays in subservience to McCarthyite America, humiliating, among many, the great Shakespearean actor John Gielgud. It is for the People to Pardon, for Parliament to apologise.’

‘Look back in Pride’ organiser Anna Rudd said “In 1967 there was a seismic political shift – women gained more control over their bodies and the LGBTQI+ community were allowed to love more legally. Fifty years on, this is our chance to celebrate the LEGENDS who fought tooth and nail to make this happen, rather than the Government who may try to take credit next year. ‘LOOK BACK IN PRIDE’ will be a celebration, swing dance, feast, cabaret and a night to remember.”

Abortion rights activist Lisa Hallgarten said “As we celebrate our successes, we also recognise how much more there is to do. It’s a great moment to think about what LGBT+ rights and women’s reproductive rights have in common and to build solidarity as we continue to fight for the full realisation of our rights here and across the world.”

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Phone –  Dan Glass on 07717811747, Corey Gilmore on 07876 252357, Ash Pasquale on  07472 282628, Sian on 07540 301536

Twitter – #LookBackInPride


Notes to Editors

Supporting organisations

African Rainbow Family
Out and Proud Diamond Group
Festival Of Choice
Gays the Word
The Glass Is Half Full
Abortion Rights
Feminist Fightback
Bethnal Green Working Mens Club
East London Strippers Collective
Dalston Superstore
Venue details and times

Saturday November 26th 2016 7pm – 12pm – 277A Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 2TZ

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