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‘Killer Queens’ Gathering – 07.09.19 – to celebrate Freddie Mercury

For Immediate Release

Saturday Sept 7th, 2019
2pm – 11pm
Assemble at Jack Straws castle and follow the signs to a secret location in the woods.

In 1991, at 45 years old, we lost Freddie Mercury to AIDS. How he lived his final days became inspirational for people living with HIV/AIDS today. In his studio in Montreux on Lake Geneva, six months before his death, he knocked back a vodka and recorded the electrifying vocal for ‘The Show Must Go On’. Right until the end he didn’t let the disease define him.

Publicly announcing he had AIDS in 1991 emboldened people to take action against HIV/AIDS at a time when it was shrouded in silence and stigma. This can be seen in part by the fundraising legacy after his death which was led by people who loved him. After a hugely successful tribute concert at Wembley stadium in 1992 to raise awareness of the disease, broadcasted to a billion viewers around the world, the band used profits to launch The Mercury Phoenix Trust. In the last 21 years, this AIDS charity organisation has raised over 15 million dollars and funded 700 projects worldwide in the battle against HIV/AIDS in Freddie’s name.

Increased testing and rapid access to effective antiretroviral therapy (undetectable = untransmittable) along with PrEP has meant that new HIV diagnoses in the UK are finally on the decline. Despite this amazing progress it seems we are going backwards with 25% being slashed from our sexual health service budgets even though there has been a 5% rise in STI’s from 2017 to 2018.

Deborah Gold, Chief Executive of NAT (National AIDS Trust), says:

“We have high quality and dedicated sexual health services across the country. But year-on-year cuts to sexual health budgets are pushing these services to breaking point. Services cannot keep up with need or demand and sexual health inequalities are deepening. This shocking 26% increase in gonorrhoea diagnoses must be a wake-up call to Government. Reverse the cuts to public health and increase substantially the funds available to sexual health clinics. That is the only way to get on top of these serious infections.”

“We are finally starting to win the war against HIV after all these years! Having an STD increases your chances of contracting the virus so the closure of clinics and subsequent longer waiting times could have disastrous consequences”
Alex Jupiter – organiser

“Queen was the soundtrack of my childhood. Freddie died when I was twelve, it was the first time I heard of AIDS and HIV. “I’ve been living with HIV for the past decade thanks to medication that came too late to save Freddie and the millions of people who died because of AIDS. There’s a drug called PrEP which stops people from catching HIV but the NHS rations it so not everyone who needs it can get it. It’s disgraceful that the NHS denies people this opportunity that neither I nor Freddie had” Hywel ap Dafydd, ACT UP LONDON

‘In a time of continuing homophobia, stigma, silence, isolation and the sell-off of health and wellbeing services it’s so important to promote queer visibility and leadership of those living with HIV and AIDS – including this hugely important biography of our icon Freddie Mercury.” dan glass, ACT UP LONDON, Queer Tours of London – A Mince Through Time

Regarded as one of the greatest lead singers in the history of rock music, Freddie Mercury had 4 extra teeth and a 4 octave vocal range. It was well documented that this icon of rock had relationships with both men and women. At one point he claimed to be bisexual but then proudly told the New Musical Express in 1974, “I’m as gay as a daffodil, my dear”.

Whatever he was, it’s undeniable that Mercury’s role in bringing ‘queerness’ into the public eye has played a major part in helping people become more accepting of those of a different sexuality. He was delightfully camp, dramatic and a fearless on-stage cross dresser. He once even helped smuggle Princess Diana into the Royal Vauxhall Tavern in drag so she could have a proper wild night out!

He also LOVED ludicrous parties so we’re throwing a right banger in his memory that’s fit for a Killer Queen. Join us to pay tribute to this legendary performer, to make some noise about the cuts to our sexual health services, to remember those lost to HIV over the years and to furiously dance in the woods for them. Let’s break free and create a kind of magic!

If you want to strut your stuff and perform/ if you’re press / if you want to publicly announce anything on the day or get involved in any other way please email


Main contact

Alex Jupiter – // 07413 426018

In assocation with ‘Queer Tours of London’ and ‘Act Up London’

For immediate release 12.08.19 – ‘Stand up to LGBT+ Hate Crime’: Kiss-In and Vigil

For immediate release 12 August 2019

From QUEER POWER and LGBT Against Islamophobia

WHAT – ‘Stand up to LGBT+ Hate Crime’: Kiss-In and Vigil

Speakers include:
Ashley Joiner – director of ‘Are You Proud?’
Sophie Robbins, trans activist
Ejel Khan, co-ordinator, Muslim LGBT Network
Jaroslaw Kubiak, Polish Rainbow in the UK, Polish LGBT Network
Michael Dance, National Education Union LGBT+ National Organising Forum Officer (personal capacity)
Sean Dewey, organising committee, Waltham Forest Pride
Nicola Field, founder member, LGBT Against Islamophobia
Dan Glass, Queer Power
Speaker from Stand Up To Racism (TBC)

WHEN – Friday 16th August 2019 5.30-7PM

WHERE – Parliament Square, London

There has been a nearly 150% increase in anti-LGBT hate crime in the UK between 2014 and 2018. Reports have been growing of LGBT-phobic attacks all over the UK, including London. Two thirds of LGBT+ people are wary of showing affection to their same-sex partners in public. Protests against diversity in education have been seen outside schools in Birmingham, and this is spreading.

These attacks are legitimised by the attitudes and actions of mainstream politicians.
We have an unelected prime minister who calls gay men bum-boys and appoints a cabinet full of homophobes and racists. Boris Johnson is not a lone bigot leading a nation. Trump’s first action as US president was to ban trans people from the military. Bolsonaro’s thugs murder LGBT people in Brazil as he declares he would rather have a dead son than a gay son. Putin’s death camps for LGBT people are an international horror. Italy, Hungary, Turkey and Poland are also seeing rising state and street attacks on LGBT people.

Here in the UK, the divisions are being stoked up as Nazi Tommy Robinson attempts to create a new far right street movement. The dangers of this cannot be underestimated. We saw where this leads on April 30 1999 when Nazi David Copeland nailbombed the Admiral Duncan pub in Soho, killing 3 people and wounding 70, some of whom lost eyes and limbs.

It is 50 years since the Stonewall Uprising and the birth of the Gay Liberation Front. Our movement was born out of rage and riots. We will not be driven back into the closet. We will meet all attacks with resistance and protest.
This Kiss-In and Vigil on Friday 16 August will be the first of our mobilisations, the next will be a larger protest on September 13, so save that date too.
Facebook Event for August 16:

Dan Glass 07717811747 (Queer Power) /
Nicola Field 07790330142 (LGBT+ Against Islamophobia)
Ejel Khan (Muslim LGBT Network) Mobile: 07789361168 Email:

I have experienced homophobic hate crime and attacks many times. The first time, 25 years ago, put me in hospital with knife wounds. But being a victim of homophobic crime spurred me on to a life in LGBT+ activism. With the current spike in homophobic attacks nationwide, this is a pressing issue that urgently requires redressing. Historically, the LGBT+ community suffered in silence. No longer. We endeavour to make our voices heard – loud and clear. Please stand in solidarity with us in condemnation of all manifestations of hate. Thank you.
Ejel Khan, co-ordinator, Muslim LGBT Network

Come and (re)make history! Gay Liberation Front (GLF) recreate first Pride in London

Come and (re)make history! Gay Liberation Front (GLF) recreate first Pride in London

Where – Trafalgar Square Lions, Charing Cross, London WC2N 5DN, UK

When – Monday, June 17, 2019 at 5 PM – 7 PM / Facebook event page here

Dresscode – whatever makes you feel liberated Press / Enquiries –
Everyone who lives and acts in the spirit of the demands below are welcome – the more the merrier!

Beforehand please come and help re-create the original banners on Saturday 15th June 6-9pm at London Action Resource Centre (LARC), 62 Fieldgate Street, Shadwell, London, E1 1ES – Facebook event page here

An Invite from the Gay Liberation Front 

Hello all today’s protestors and revellers.

It’s fifty years since the Stonewall Uprising and next year it will be fifty years since the Gay Liberation Front reached London. How time flies! – forty-seven years since the under-21s of the Gay Liberation Front organised London’s first Pride March.

We are a few activists from the Gay Liberation Front, the first wave of out activism. We who were there have written ‘Rainbow Planet’ – A Souvenir Brochure for Pride 2019 – and on June 17th we invite you to come join us to launch it on the very place we had our first demonstration.

In our culture we invert the pink triangle to honour the memory of all those who died in the gas chambers of the Nazis and the Stalinists. We were part of the first openly public demonstration by homosexuals in this country and present on the first Gay Pride March. Others are millennials, activists from Act Up who celebrated the achievements of GLF in 2015 and we all came together in 2016 to prepare and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in 2017. We are now preparing to celebrate next year’s 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising and the foundation of the Gay Liberation Front in New York, the origin of the fight back that inspired and brought hope to LGBTQI+ of every country in the world. Gay Liberation will always be a socialist movement by virtue of its demand for social change.

2020 brings the 50th anniversary of the start of Gay Liberation in London, the moment everything changed in Britain by giving us Coming Out, Gay Pride and the first Gay Pride March in 1972, making 2022 the 50th anniversary of that political demonstration and celebration.

GLF stands for liberation: the choice is always there – liberation or slavery.

Join us to recreate the spirit of the Gay Liberation Front 1970 and Pride March of 1972 and build strength in community to re-politicise what we started and fight for our demands. Feel the zeitgeist of the years that changed the world for LGBT people … and for everyone else!

We did what we did to rescue ourselves, but we always thought of you as well – you who would come out after us, and will come out until the world ends.

Our demands for the 2020 50th anniversary of pride that we started are loud and clear – here they are.

1. Pride should be free for all – no one should be denied entry to Pride because they don’t earn enough
2. Overturn the 2004 PiL stipulation that Pride is no longer a protest but a parade. Pride has and always should be an uprising until 3. GLF’s original aim of ‘Absolute freedom for all’ is met.
4. LGBT+ justice community groups actively engaged in grassroots LGBTQIA+ empowerment programmes at the front of the demonstration and corporations at the back.
5. No arms dealers or irresponsible sponsors which violate the U.N. International Charter on Human Rights.
6. Fully accessible for all.
7. Gay Liberation Front (GLF) should lead the production of Pride in London 2020.
8. No limits on numbers attending and no wristbands.
9. No police presence.
10. No diesel powered vehicles.

The Gay Liberation Front

We believe
That apathy and fear are the
Barriers that imprison people
From an incalculable landscape
Of self awareness
That they are the elements of
That every person has the right
To develop and extend their
Character and explore their
Sexuality through relationships
With any other human being,
Without moral, social or political
That no relationship formed
By such pressure, or not freely
Entered into, can be valid,
Creative or rewarding.
To you, the others, we say
We are not against you, but
The prejudice that warps your
Life, and ours
It is not love that distorts,
But hate.
On your behalf, and ours,
We demand:
The same right to public
Expressions of love and
Affection as society grants
To expressions of hate and scorn.
The right to believe, without
Harm to others, in public and
Private, in any way we choose,

In any manner or style, with
Any words and gestures, to wear
Whatever clothes we like or to
Go naked, to draw or write or
Read or publish any material or
Information we wish, at any
Time and in any place.
An end to the sexual propaganda
That disturbs the innocence of
Children, conditions their image
Of human relationships and implants
Guilt and nurturers shame for any
Sexual feelings outside an
Artificial polarity.
An end to the centuries of
Oppression and prejudice that have
Driven homosexuals from their
Homes, families and employment, have
forced them to cynicism,
Subterfuge and self-hatred and
have led them, so often, to
Imprisonment or to death.
In the name of the tens of
Thousands who wore the badge of
Homosexuality in the gas chambers
And concentration camps, who
Have no children to remember, and
Whom your histories forget.
We DEMAND honour, identity and

John Chesterman for GLF 1970

Read more here – ‘BLOWING THE LID: Gay Liberation, Sexual Revolution and Radical Queens’ by Stuart Feather. Stuart Feather co-founded GLF Street Theatre; was a member of the radical queens’ commune, the Bethnal Rouge commune and bookshop, and later a founding member of Bette Bourne’s gay theatre troupe Bloolips. Since hanging up his tap shoes he has been painting. His first exhibition at the Drill Hall in 1995 received critical acclaim from Emmanuel Cooper.


01.06.19 – OUTSIDE – This Is My Culture 3 – Back by Popular Demand!

‘Any right minded person would find this disgusting’

They shouldn’t be allowed out in public’

‘This Is My Culture 3!’ – Back by Popular Demand! June 1st noon at a Venue – Hampstead Heath Fuck Tree. Go to the Hampstead Heaths woods (nearest meeting point is ‘jack straws castle’) and follow the flags, music mincers. Spread the word. Bring suncream it’s gonna be CLUB TROPICANA! Spread the news. Share the Love, THIS IS MY CULTURE CREW! X

Done with the sofa, done with the hall? Done with societal limitations on our sexual freedom? On 7th April 1998 in a Beverly Hills public toilet, so was George Michael. Last year ‘THIS IS MY CULTURE’ event, which celebrated George in his favourite Hampstead Heath bushes, was such a success we are bringing it back! 2019 is the 20th anniversary of his song ‘Outside’ – so let’s do him proud!

OUTSIDE – THIS IS OUR CULTURE event is to celebrate the life, courage and dignity of a great artist and LGBTQI+ icon by marking the anniversary of the day George Michael was ensnared by a ‘pretty’ policeman in an LA toilet and subsequently arrested for indecency. Join us to pay tribute to LGBTQI+ sexual freedom, enjoy performances and George’s music wafting through the trees.

If you want to strut your stuff and perform on the day / are press or want to get involved in any way please email ASAP. Please spread the word to all those you think will appreciate.

See the fun from last year –

April 2017 – Huffington Post – George Michael’s Life Celebrated In One Of His Cruising Spots

Urban Pictures – Cheeky George Michael Celebration in London for gay fans

Ham and High – PICTURES: ‘cheeky’ party for George Michael on Hampstead Heath

I.D. Magazine celebrating george michael and the history of cruising

VICE – ‘A True Queer Life’: Photos from an LGBTQ Dance Party to RememberGeorge Michael

I.D. Magazine – celebrating george michael and the history of cruising


We are inviting you to help to recreate the spirit of that event. It will a celebration “somewhere Outside” but also a declaration of our rights to express our sexuality out in nature as George did. This will form part of a campaign to reclaim our “Sacred Groves” which you are welcome to join even if you cannot make this specific date.

This will be our 3rd year in this series. Our first was soon after George Michael’s death to celebrate what would have been his next birthday. Previously, he had responded to his arrest by saying “This is my culture” – which we have taken as our slogan here. The second, last year 2018, was to counter the fuss over “that” royal wedding with the “Real Qweens’ Wedding”.


Somewhere over the rainbow – To be announced on the morning of June 1st


The purpose of ‘This IS My Culture’ queer free party are –

  • To be unashamed about the culture of cruising and sex in leafy spaces, such as those that George Michael and other Londoners frequent.
  • To build a sense of supportive community by celebrating openly with each other in a similar way as any of the public may, without needing to seek approval from authorities to do this.
  • To acknowledge the growth of the eco-sexual movement and to celebrate its practices.
  • To gain momentum for these cultures to be recognized as having a right to exist and be celebrated without legal, moral and petty harassment.
  • In addition, many among us also seek a more spiritual objective:- Since ancient times these lands have had “Sacred Groves” where nature-based spirituality has been practiced. We wish to see these set up as revered places again, our natural temples wherein to celebrate our culture. These deserve and have a right to legal recognition and protection.


The previous events have involved a broad coalition of different activists, many of whom initially came together via Sexual Avengers, who now continue as a very loose network these days. For #3 we are looking to work with people from Act Up London, from the Radical Faeries of Albion, the Queerseum project, the revived think-ins of London GLF, various queer pagans, Queer Love Rites and Queer Tours of London – And maybe your own organisation too!

We are organizing this one via Eco-Queer UK – because the theme this time is focusing more on the rights of eco-sexuals to secure places in nature that are respected for these purposes – as well as enjoining the diverse communities of those who practice cottaging and cruising to affirm their pride in their culture. We welcome allies and other individuals who support our aims and recognize the values of these causes. We also need more people with some specific skills and resources.Please ask newly interested parties to send an email to the above address so that we have contact details available.

Contact /


The main focus will be to stage playful re-creations of the shooting of George Michael’s video for the song “Let’s Go Outside”. The first week of June is an anniversary of this.We aim to have many folk filming – we invite all participants to use their phones (with consent) or whatever equipment they have. Professional film-makers and videographers are being lined up to make a document of this. Performers and directors are invited to create their very own scenarios which may or may not involve audience participation and play.

Creativity in costume, elaboration and antics is up to everyone present !Vox pop interviews will happen – open to all to join in if desired.We invite drummers and acoustic musicians, poets and dreamers, cruisers and cottagers, drama queens and dowdy types, ritual makers and raspberry blowers, tree-huggers and free-lovers – from a diverse range of genders, sexualities and cultures.We also invite conscious contributions from allies in the Extinction Rebellion, Climate Change activists and ecologists. We protect what we love!

This is going to be another good one !yours in nature,

Miqx – On behalf of “This is My Culture”

10.04.19 – Fantabulosa pics and video from our launch at Bishopsgate Institute

Thank you to Paolo Zeriali for our video of the ‘Queer Tours of London – A Mince Through Time’ archive launch at Bishopsgate Institute on 10.04.19 – book Paolo at

Beauuuuutiful pics from the ‘Queer Tours of London – A Mince Through Time’ archive launch that happened in the legendary Bishopsgate Institute On 10.04.19 – archival home to radical movements across the land – thank you to Holly Buckle for the pics (book Holly at, to all the Bishopsgate Institute fam (contact Stef Dickers at to start your archive), everyone who made it such a fantabulous knees-up and all fighting for QUEER LOVE AND POWER EVERYWHERE!

The night was in tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprisings and the birth of the Gay Liberation Front (GLF) who started Pride. Get involved in the ongoing Gay Liberation Front movement – email

There’s a handful of spaces left for the Bishopsgate Institute / Queer Tours tours – get booking click here

4 May – Out of the Archives and into the Streets: Explore Bishopsgate’s collections and find out how queer archives are created and used. Learn about the impact of gentrification on queer spaces and movements, respond to the corporatisation of Pride and unlock the revolutionary potential of the queer community.

7 May – Tour of the City: Join Andrew and Dani Dinger on this excavation of the City of London’s LGBT+ past — long since buried, but far from forgotten. Take in St Paul’s Cathedral, the north bank of the Thames and 2,000 years of history.

15 June – Tours of Earl’s Court. Hear stories of how queers fought against the police in the 1970’s to keep their leather bar, the Coleherne, open with your GLF tour guides Andrew Lumsden and Stuart Feather.

4 July – Tour of Queer Black Brixton – with Gay Liberation Front activists and Kevin Wilson: Explore Brixton’s radical black queer history with members of the original Gay Liberation Front, alongside a newer generation of black LGBTQIA+ activists. Learn about the Rock Against Fascism festival, counterculture zines such as Blackout, and black queer squatting movements.

To learn more about LGBTQ+ culture and history through Bishopsgate Institute’s upcoming courses, events, tours and public accessible Archive Collections, check out the website –

Book here for Earls Court and BrixtonQueer Tours!

In partnership with the fantastic Bishopsgate Institute we are excited to announce the following tours (get in touch with to deposit your queer archives!)

Tours of Earl’s Court Saturday 15 June 6pm – Book here ASAP. Very limited spaces. Meeting point –The Coleherne Arms, 271 Old Brompton Rd, Kensington, London SW5 9JA

Tour guides – Andrew Lumsden and Stuart Feather

Picture – Colherene 

Queer Tours of London launched in 2017 for the 50th anniversary of partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in Britain. The tours exist to shine a light on London’s rich LGBTQ+ history through interactive tours, artistic interventions, protests and informative events. On this tour you will take in some of the sites of Earls Court. You will hear stories of how queers fought against the police in the 1970’s to keep their leather bar, the Coleherne, open. We will visit Brompton cemetery, where two male lovers of long ago quietly arranged to be buried together, and nobody noticed. Finally, we will take a stroll down Wharfedale Street to the location of a now famous photo from the 1980sof a pretty policeman tempting gay men.

Tour of Brixton, South London Thursday 04 July  6-8pm £11.00 to £14.00 Book here ASAP very limited spaces!

Picture – Rukus! – South London Gay community Centre pic 

Meeting point: Windrush Square, Brixton.

Tour guide – Kevin Wilson and Ted Brown

Explore Brixton’s radical black queer history with members of the original Gay Liberation Front, alongside a newer generation of black LGBTQIA+ activists.

Learn about the pioneering movements which sprung from The South London Gay Liberation who were actively engaged in protests and pickets across London such as the South London Squatter movement.

Also the Gay Black Group and the Claimant’s Union who picketed shops that refused to sell the newspaper Gay News, campaigned in solidarity with black, lesbian and women’s groups and catalysed the Anti-Nazi League march for the Rock Against Fascism festival in Brockwell Park.

Learn from London’s historic revolutionary activists such as Olive Morris, and delve into movements that have confronted homophobia, racism and sexism through counterculture zines such as Blackout, black queer squatting movements, club nights, healthcare struggles and how this can inform the ongoing struggle for absolute freedom today. See the phenomental ‘Rukus! Archive’ for more in the meantime!

04.05.19 – ‘Out of the Archives and into the Streets’ Workshop at Bishopsgate Institute

11-5pm at The Bishopsgate Institute – Bishopsgate Institute, 230 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 4QH – venue fully accessible

What are the roles of archives in documenting queer histories? How can they empower our present and help build our future? In this workshop with Bishopsgate Institute and Queer Tours of London, you’ll explore our collections and learn how queer archives are created and used. We chart the impact of gentrification on queer spaces and movements, respond to the corporatisation of Pride and unlock the revolutionary potential of the queer community. 

In this workshop you will be able to explore the breadth of queer archives at the Bishopsgate Institute and gain an understanding of the process between how LGBT archives are created and how they are put to use by artists and activists to bring their legacy into life today. This workshop is an explosive account to inspire a new generation of revolutionaries to question authority, imagine and bring to life the queer utopias we still desperately need to. Exploring the last 50 years of LGBT activism in the UK it chronologies the key events and interventions that have changed the status quo. From this we can understand that we ‘come into’ – rather than ‘come-out’ of – an incredible herstory to reclaim.

Please book tickets here. The capacity is only 25 so get in there quick! Price is £14 (£11 conc.)

Have a question? Send us an email or give us a call on: 020 7392 9200. 

See previous press stories here!

In the Press

Vice – ‘Meet the activists running London’s first Queer Tour

Evening Standard – What you’ll learn about LGBTQ+ history on a queer tour of the West End

We recently supported the recent – BBC Feature – ‘Where is our Queer Museum’ street-art action

The Independent – From Soho to Vauxhall: The man behind London’s first LGBTQ history tour

April 2017 – Huffington Post – George Michael’s Life Celebrated In One Of His Cruising Spots

Queer Power Chechnya Protest – Where next?

On Holocaust Memorial Day 2019 – 27th January – hundreds of people from London’s LGBT+ community and their allies protested outside the Russian Embassy in London against the new wave of brutal attacks against LGBT+ people that are taking place in Chechnya, Russia. The message was ‘NEVER AGAIN EVER!’ and ‘NONE OF US ARE FREE UNTIL WE ALL ARE!’ See full report here

Thank you for these fab photos Holly Buckle (book Holly at

As we can see in the news and in our streets the struggle is far from over – the recent attack of the ‘Archangelsk LGBT community center’ in Russia and now Brunei’s new laws punishing gay sex and adultery by stoning offenders to death and of course our ever growing austerity-driven hostile-envvironment hell for the LGBTQI+ community here in Britain – we need these targeted solidarity queer-power protests more and more!

As protests go it’s pretty easy to organise – we have the people, the giant flag, the shoes, the placards, the sound system, the press and of course FABULOUS ANGRY QUEERS!

Are you up for helping organise further protests? Please email ASAP – we need you!

Some people think that ‘Queer Tours of London – A Mince Through Time’ is just for exploring queer history – but we don’t rest on our laurels – we harness history as a propeller for change today. Get involved. Keep on mincing. Looking forward to hear from you 🙂 All details at – please support this Saturday April 6th 2pm Demonstration against the Sultan of Brunei and please support the Russian LGBT+ Network here

Thank you for these fab photos John Banyard and Steve Taylor for this photo above and the ones below!

‘Gay Liberation Front’ Dance Party – 50th Anniversary Special- Photos!

Thank you to Levi Hinds for the photos! Thank you to all the special performances, DJ sets and dances from the original GLF members, the phenomenal NOSCAR winning Nash Paragon Langley, Alexis Gregory and Team Angelica’s ‘RIOT ACT’ showBrighton’s very own Afropunk goddess ‘Baby’, songs from soul-child Sarah Angel (, winner of ‘Pride’s Got Talent’ Lamont RickettsPop/Soul singer and choir director Jordan Charles (, the cast from upcoming ‘Arcola’ show ‘They Them We Us’ ( and Queer London DJ legends Auntie Maureen ( – Music Curator & Performance DJ and Beckah, all at REDON and last but not least the founding members of Pride in London – the Gay Liberation Front!