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All Aboard the Bang Bus! No.1 – Get your tickets here


A bus journey back in time to the sites and spirit of London’s most iconic LGBTQIA+ clubs and bars.

The special-themed queer history tour of London will visit the haunts that have kept LGBTQIA+ tribes cruising, dancing and loving from the 1960s to the present day. DJ’s, performers and rabble-rousers will show what made each place so special and why you’ll wish you’d been there back in the day.

This is the newest addition to our programme of queer tours and marks the 50th anniversary of the 1967 ‘Sexual Offences Act’ which led to the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality.

EVERYONE is welcome on the BANG BUS! The BANG BUS will happen on the last Saturday of every month.

Climb aboard the BANG BUS! Send a message from London telling the world we exist to build strength, unity and passion within our LGBTQIA+ community, that we honour our history and won’t let our futures – or our spaces – be written over by anybody – read ‘what happened to the great London nightclubs?’



All requests for involvement, press and questions to



Bus Stops for September 30th – BANG BUS 1 – North East London

BANG BUS 2 – Saturday October 27th – West to East London

BANG BUS 3 – Saturday November 25th – WORLD AIDS DAY Special



Board the bus at 6pm sharp in front of the Black Cap in Camden – 171 Camden High St, London NW1 7JY

We will finish at the@ The Joiners Arms fundraiser at Dalston Superstore – 117 Kingsland High St, London E8 2PB  ***********************************


WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE! Please get in touch if we can make the night any more accessible for you.



The Bang Bus is a utopia away from homophobia, transphobia, harassment, racism, xenophobia, ableism and all forms of oppression. Anyone who threatens this will be kicked off by our queer security team.



£6 unwaged, £11 waged, £16 solidarity. BUY TICKETS CLICK HERE 

Tickets available at the door or to reserve please email ASAP and state if possible the LGBTQIA+ communities and club-cultures you have / are part of . Very limited spaces.






For this years 50th anniversary of partial decriminalisation of homosexuality ‘QUEER TOURS OF LONDON – A Mince Through Time’ are being set up to bring forth the visibility of our incredible community at large and the journey to how we became who we are today. Against the backdrop of the mass closure of LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex) cultural spaces and support services, ‘QUEER TOURS OF LONDON’ are being developed to support London’s current queer activism, culture and performance in all its glory. Find out more at

“London’s LGBTQ+ heritage is rich, diverse and important: but is often hidden and in danger of being forgotten. Our collaborations with Queer Tours are energetic, hopeful and vital explorations of this history.” Tom Furber and Jan Pimblett – London Metropolitan Archives




ESSENTIAL – Before boarding the bus learn the lyrics to ‘Tavares – Don’t Take Away the Music’

Don’t take away the music

It’s the only thing I’ve got

It’s my piece of the rock.


I knew you were always there

You were my song

How am I supposed to bear it

Now that you’ve gone?


Would you separate the words

From a sweet melody?

Baby would you take away

The music from a symphony?


Don’t take away the music it’s the only thing I’ve got

It’s my piece of the rock

Don’t take away the music everything else is gone

Don’t strip my world of its song.

Let’s Go Outside – 08 April 2007

The first global celebration of George Michael Wants You

Done with the sofa? Done with the hall? Done with societally enforced standards of sexuality which don’t conform with your reality? On 8th April 1998 in a Miami public toilet, so was George Michael.

No longer with us but with presence stronger than ever, we gather at the world famous cruising area on Hampstead Heath, to ‘Go Outside’ in honour of George Michael.

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