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10.04.19 – Archive Launch – Queer Tours of London: A Mince Through Time

WHEN – 10th April – 6.30-9.30pm

WHERE – Bishopsgate Institute, 230 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 4QH 

BOOKING – The launch is free and the Bishopsgate Institute is fully accessible –  please book here.

Queer Tours of London launched in 2017 for the 50th anniversary of partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in Britain.  The tours exist to shine a light on London’s rich LGBT history through interactive tours, artistic interventions, protests and informative events. Through exploring themes of power, sex, identity and spaces the tours aim to provide a better understanding of queer history, build for our queer future and generate support for London’s queer and sex-positive communities.

Bishopsgate Institute is proud to hold the Queer Tours Archive and is delighted to be hosting this archive launch event in 2019, the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and the birth of the Gay Liberation Front (GLF) who started Pride. Come and listen, learn, love and celebrate with those who made it happen.

Free event: booking required. 

‘Gay Liberation Front’ Dance Party – 50th Anniversary Special- Photos!

Thank you to Levi Hinds for the photos! Thank you to all the special performances, DJ sets and dances from the original GLF members, the phenomenal NOSCAR winning Nash Paragon Langley, Alexis Gregory and Team Angelica’s ‘RIOT ACT’ showBrighton’s very own Afropunk goddess ‘Baby’, songs from soul-child Sarah Angel (, winner of ‘Pride’s Got Talent’ Lamont RickettsPop/Soul singer and choir director Jordan Charles (, the cast from upcoming ‘Arcola’ show ‘They Them We Us’ ( and Queer London DJ legends Auntie Maureen ( – Music Curator & Performance DJ and Beckah, all at REDON and last but not least the founding members of Pride in London – the Gay Liberation Front!

Thank you to all for the – ‘Gay Liberation Front’ Dance Party – 50th Anniversary Special- Videos / Where next?

Thank you to Levi Hinds for the photos! Thank you to all the special performances, DJ sets and dances from the original GLF members, the phenomenal NOSCAR winning Nash Paragon Langley, Alexis Gregory and Team Angelica’s ‘RIOT ACT’ showBrighton’s very own Afropunk goddess ‘Baby’, songs from soul-child Sarah Angel (, winner of ‘Pride’s Got Talent’ Lamont RickettsPop/Soul singer and choir director Jordan Charles (, the cast from upcoming ‘Arcola’ show ‘They Them We Us’ ( and Queer London DJ legends Auntie Maureen ( – Music Curator & Performance DJ and Beckah, all at REDON and last but not least the founding members of Pride in London – the Gay Liberation Front! Mega Love to Joseph Wilson for the film above – contact Joseph at

All donations went Stansted 15 court costs and a year of grassroots activism to reclaim Pride for all on this special year. Get in touch and get involved – all details at / – WE ARE HERE! WE ARE STILL VERY QUEER! 😉

To book any of the artists email and we shall put you directly in touch.

Where Next?

Gay Liberation Front (GLF) ‘Think Ins’ – Reclaim Pride

This is the space for all Gay Liberation Front (GLF) Activists and new friends to connect, celebrate and plot for the upcoming significant anniversaries –

2019 – 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots
2020 – 50th anniversary of GLF UK
2022 – 50th anniversary of Pride

We are having monthly ‘think in’s’ to develop our demands and action plans. Everyone new or old to the movement and who is committed to ‘LIBERATION FOR ALL’ is very welcome.

Upcoming ‘Think In’s’  – all at the same venue – Library Reception, London School of Economics and Political Science, 10 Portugal St, London WC2A 2HD, UK

Think In 6 – Wednesday March 20th 6-8.30pm – facebook event page here

It’s easy. I ordered the ramp and access sticker in a day, and put in the doorbell overnight. ‘Why should people have to question whether they are allowed to come. All of a sudden you allow people that might not have thought they could come into the venue that they care about us.’ James Bartlett, Manager, Old Comptons.

“It’s great to see that more LGBTQ venues in Soho are getting serious about inclusion and equality, making the changes that ensure their disabled customers can have a night out without access stress.
More than twenty years after the Disability Discrimination Act, it’s just unacceptable that there are still venues out there turning away disabled customers. A ramp costs £50 – why would you not want to comply with the law?” 
Lianna Etkind, Queer Disability Justice activist

Chris Nagel has been the head doorman at Freedom for over 19 years. He said: “We are putting in access because it is a must. Everyone should be able to come into the venue.”

Shane Knight, who works at the Duke of Wellington, said: “We’ve had a ramp for years. It’s about access for all”.

Karl Nixon, Manager at Admiral Duncan and ‘Queer Disability’ activists

Karl Nixon, from the Admiral Duncan pub, said: “We got a ramp, and we’re going to get a sticker [to let people know a ramp is available], because it’s important to the gay community and beyond. We have a lot of people coming in with wheelchairs now, it has made a difference”.

Notes to Editors:

1. Kevin Wilson can be contacted for interview on / Photo credits – Holly Buckle / Video credits – Sophie Falkenburg

‘Queer Tours of London – A Mince Through Time’exist to shine a light on London’s rich LGBTQI history through creative and life-affirming interactive tours. We tell the stories of London’s queer history, shedding light on the lives, spaces, identities, repression and resistance that form the backdrop of LGBTQI lives today. We do this through educational, accessible and interactive walking tours, cabarets, street-art and events that bring life to the complexities and lived experiences of our history, present and vision for the future. ‘Queer Tours of London’ are for everyone in London – visitors and residents – to be inspired by our history and get involved in our future.We also welcome requests for special-themed tours, private tours and all kinds of collaborations. Contact us on for all involvement / press requests / collaborations. 

3. The Equality Act 2010, which replaced the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995, makes it unlawful not to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to enable disabled people to access goods and services. Reasonable adjustments may include include a ramp; a lift; a large print menu or a hearing loop. More information at

4. Coverage of the July 2017 action:

5. The Equality ‘Zap’ was in the tradition of ‘Zaps’ originally organised by gay activists in the 1970s. ‘Zaps’ have continued to be used by LGBTQI activists throughout the 1980s and 1990s and beyond. See

Venue2018 Changes Made
Admiral DuncanHave ramp – but don’t have a sign in window – GM wasn’t aware should have one. But very happy to talk to us and accommodating.
ComptonsJames was really amazing. They had a ramp and disability sign. Talked about how a few years ago there was an incident in which they didn’t know where the ramp was, since then they have taken changes to make the venue way more accessible.Has taken huge changes.
BalansSeemed super disinterested and uncaring.“I have only been here 9 months”Saw it as a structural issues that just wasn’t in his hands!Really poor accessibility – no ramp. Didn’t commit to any promises
Yard BarIs movable ramp, but not visible. Don’t have sign letting people know but happy to put sticker up.
Duke of WellingtonsRamp available.
FreedomKevin had spoken to Chris Nagel, head doorman a few weeks ago, and he said he would put up visibility sign – not there  yet.However very receptive, and said would put in sign in 2 weeks max.
Movable ramp is there, but supervisor didn’t know how to use it.

27.02.19 – The ‘Gay Liberation Front’ Dance Party – 50th Anniversary Special!

The ‘Gay Liberation Front’ Dance Party / Fundraiser – 50th Anniversary Special! – Get your tickets quick – click here – limited spaces!Facebook event page here

50 years ago a rag-tag group of queers, queens, dissidents and whores started a revolution. This year – on the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots they have re-united to reclaim the Pride they started!

Join us for the (re)launch of the ‘Gay Liberation Front’ in London with special performances, DJ sets and dances from the original GLF members + a new generation of artists in tribute! Come cheer on the 50th birthday speeches from the Gay Liberation Front legends themselves and enjoy the nights entertainment. Highlights include celebrated ‘RIOT ACT’ show, queer classical musical pioneer ‘Barbs’, Brighton’s very own Afropunk goddess ‘Baby’, songs from Sarah Angel and Queer London DJ legend  Auntie Maureen with a DJ set spanning Queer London from 1930s Soho jazz to contemporary queer electronica, with every decade in between – on Auntie’s dance floor everyone is welcome – and more!

All donations to a year of grassroots activism to reclaim Pride for all on this special year.  


Come and join us for our LGBT+ History Month party and get involved in the year of action.

WHEN – Wednesday 27th Feb Show 7-9.30pm / DJ’s and dancing 9-midnight.

WHERE – REDON, Railway Arches, 289 Cambridge Heath Rd, London E2 9HA – Wheelchair accessible.


TICKETS – Broke £5 Unwaged £7.50 Standard £10 Solidarity £15.

There are a handful of free tickets are for LGBT+ migrants and for LGBT+ folk struggling with housing. If this is you and / or you have any issues being able to afford the ticket please email us ASAP – All profits will go into a Summer of events and activism to catalyse a new set of radical demands by the activists who started Pride. 

Get your ticket here!

All details at – 

*** DONATE *** Please donate to our crowdfunder here

Gay Liberation Front (GLF) ‘Think Ins’ – Reclaim Pride Calendar!

This is the space for all Gay Liberation Front (GLF) Activists and new friends to connect, celebrate and plot for the upcoming significant anniversaries –

2019 – 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots
2020 – 50th anniversary of GLF UK
2022 – 50th anniversary of Pride

We are having monthly ‘think in’s’ to develop our demands and action plans. Everyone new or old to the movement and who is committed to ‘LIBERATION FOR ALL’ is very welcome.

Upcoming ‘Think In’s’  – all at the same venue – Library Reception, London School of Economics and Political Science, 10 Portugal St, London WC2A 2HD, UK

Think In 6 – Wednesday March 20th 6-8.30pm – facebook event page here

Think In 7 – Wednesday April 3rd 6-8.30pm – facebook event page here

Think In 8 – Wednesday May 1st 6-8.30pm – facebook event page here

Think In 9 – Wednesday June 5th 6-8.30pm – facebook event page here

*** About ***

‘Think In’s’ are a concept which the GLF activists first used to have a space, a sanctuary in which to make sense of the world away from the pressures of homophobia and how to effectively respond. 50 years on there is still so much work to do to complete the ultimate aim of ‘freedom for all’.

We are busy writing the ‘GLF demands 2’ to present to the world and organising the 2019 timeline of events and actions to pay tribute to the radical roots of Pride by those who started it. 2019 will be a year of TRANSFORMATION, JUSTICE AND TRUTH for Pride and the Queer Community!

If you wanna get involved and /or be added to the mailing list please email with a few lines of who you are and your committed to radical (getting to the root) queer freedom. Thanks to everyone who is making this happen!


Read more about the GLF history here –

*** Contacts ***

‘Queer Tours of London – A Mince Through Time’ – /

‘Queerseum’ /

*** Why do we need to ‘reclaim’ Pride – a message from ‘Gay Liberation Fronts’ Andrew Lumsden. ***

‘Where do our rebellions lie now? How can we best tie them into our shared history?’ Andrew Lumsden, GLF activist / Gay News founder (1971)

“Surviving Gay Liberation Front activists were sidelined by a London Pride Committee on our 40th anniversary in 2010. Mayor Johnson and his bodyguards – he never spoke to us – were put in front of us on the July march, though we invented such marches. And we were allowed 15 minutes to speak from the Trafalgar Square stage, cut at the last moment to 5 minutes.

Young people ask us, what was Gay Lib like, and they love Stuart Feather’s 2016 book about it, Blowing the Lid, Gay Liberation, Sexual Revolution & Radical Queens.

We’d like things to go better for the 50th anniversary in 2020 even if we’re all in wheelchairs. We invented things before and can cheerfully do it again, with the help of friends like you – so get involved to . highlight campaigns today and celebrate the Gay Liberation Front”

08.02.19 – QTOL at Friday Late: London Stories At London Transport Museum

PRESS RELEASE – 23 January 2019

Friday Late: London Stories At London Transport Museum – Friday 8 February 2019

19:00 to 22:00 (last admission 21:15)


New exhibition opening and Friday Late combined

·         Workshop fun with a perfume salon, temporary tattoos and vinegar valentines

·         Talks on romance and early Victorian celebs, live poetry performances, a bar, DJ, and quiz with a top host

·         2 for £12 London Lovers pomegranate and gin cocktail

Party people can join London Transport Museum for the opening night of its new exhibition, The Poster Prize for Illustration 2019London Stories at a special love-themed Friday Late on 8 February in the heart of Covent Garden. Guests will be among the first to see one hundred new illustrations, each capturing a different story inspired by life in one of the world’s greatest cities – London.

With a London Lovers cocktail in hand, guests can enjoy a jam-packed evening of activities including talks on travel and romance, a perfume salon allowing visitors to discover the scents that were considered attractive in different eras, a tattoo parlour where they can get their lover’s name inked temporarily, and a Victorian craft workshop where they can print their own anti-Valentine’s card.

Visitors will be transported by poet Ella Frears’ Love on the Tracks performance in the Museum’s vintage “padded cell” Tube carriage, can hear a talk on the good, the bad and the ugly of London’s architecture and go on a guided tour of the new exhibition. There’s also a bar, DJ, and quiz with Amy Bee Sting, one of London’s best quiz masters.

Highlights of the evening:


·         Steamy Romance: step back in time to discover how trains transformed the romantic lives of everyday people. With Sophie Ratcliffe, author of The Lost Properties of Love

·         Stardom on the Strand: find out how the Gaiety Girls wowed late-Victorian London, redefined stardom with their daringly modern musical comedies and laid the groundwork for today’s celebrity culture.  With Rob Gallagher, editor at, a digital archive celebrating lives on the Strand, past and present

  • Architectural Marmite: explore the good, the bad, and the ugly of London’s architecture, and question why it divides us. Topics include brutalism and how high-rise buildings make you feel. With Oliver Green, a Research Fellow for London Transport Museum and a freelance historian, author and curator
  • What to expect on a Queer Tour of London: talk by Andrew Lumsden, QTOL guide and founder of Gay News in 1971
  • Queer Tours and Accessibility: talk by Josh Hepple, QTOL and Access4All guide, disability equality trainer, and activist

Workshops and performances

  • The Scent of Love: perfumer Sarah McCartney is holding a fragrant salon in the Museum’s 1930s lounge. Smell your way through a hundred years of perfume history and discover what scents were considered sexy, romantic, or attractive in different eras

·         Temporary Tattoo Parlourget your lover’s name inked, but without any of the regret! Let our resident face and body painter Jenny Hawkins adorn you with tattoo-inspired designs

  • Vinegar Valentines: print your own Vinegar Valentine, the Victorian way to fend off and insult unwanted suitors. Use an original printing press and learn about the history of Fleet Street’s printing industry with objects from St Bride Foundation’s collection
  • London LGBT+ Stories: visit a pop-up display of objects documenting London’s LGBT+ transport history; take a photo and record a mini oral history in the Museum’s photo booth for its collecting project; add your own love stories to a giant map of meeting places with London Transport Museum Documentary Curators Ellie Miles and Susanna Cordner. Meet OUTbound, TfL’s LGBT+ staff network group and learn about their work supporting LGBT+ transport workers in London today.  

·         Love on the Tracks: A short voyage of verse: With Valentine’s Day just a short hop away, join poet Ella Frears in the intimate surroundings of a vintage Tube carriage on an intoxicating voyage of verse themed around London and love

The Exhibition and Museum galleries

London Stories Highlights Tours in the Exterion Media Gallery: join a tour of the new exhibition The Poster Prize for IllustrationLondon stories and discover more about the artworks on display,with Brian Webb, panel judge for the Prize for Illustration and renowned designer and director of Webb & Webb Design, and Sabine Reimer, the Association of Illustrators’ Awards Manager, and a graphic designer herself. Or browse the exhibition in your own time and then enjoy London Transport Museum’s other galleries.

Bars and music

Try the Museum’s specially concocted seductive London Lovers gin and pomegranate cocktail which is on offer at the special price of 2 for £12 all night, then dance your heart out to a DJ set celebrating London and love. The Upper Deck café bar will also be serving drinks and hot and cold snacks. 

The London Stories Friday Late is from 19:00 to 22:00 and entry is £15/£12. Adults only. To book tickets in advance go to

For further information visit or call 020 7565 7298.

In addition to the Friday Late event, London Transport Museum is holding a series of talks to coincide with the new Poster Prize for IllustrationLondon stories exhibition. These three talks are:Living with Buildings and Walking with Ghosts, with Iain Sinclair, Thursday 21 February 2019, starts at 19:00, Bus Fare: Stories of the London BusThursday 21 March 2019, starts at 19:00,London Made Us: A memoir of a Shape-Shifting City with BBC broadcaster Robert Elms, Thursday 4 April 2019, starts at 19:00. All three talks take place in the Cubic Theatre at London Transport Museum, Covent Garden Piazza, London, WC2E 7BB. Tickets cost £12/£10 and advance booking is available at


For media requests, interviews and images please contact
London Transport MuseumCandice Jones – PR and Marketing ManagerPhone 020 7565 7448Email Pearson – Marketing ExecutivePhone 020 7126 1807 Email Association of IllustratorsSabine Reimer – Awards ManagerPhone 020 7759 1012Email  sabine@theaoi.comFor further information, please Follow us on Twitter and Facebook at: 

Editors notes:

About the Poster Prize for Illustration 2019 judging panel:

o    Derek Brazell, Projects Manager, Association of Illustrators

o    Roger Browning, Art Editor (Lifestyle), Country Living

o    Brian Grimwood, Managing Director, Central Illustration Agency

  • Miranda Leedham, Head of Customer Marketing and Behaviour Change, Transport for London
  • Steve Pill, Editor, Artists & Illustrators, BRITAIN and Discover Britain magazines
  • Rachael Stevens, Associate Editor, Creative Review
  • Michael Walton, Poster Art Commissioner, London Transport Museum
  • Brian Webb, Director, Webb and Webb Design
  • Sarah Thomson, Head of Art Production, Ogilvy & Mather (1 Unilever)
  • Jason Cotterrell, Group Chief Strategy Officer and UK Managing Director, Exterion Media

About London Transport Museum

·         London Transport Museum is situated in the heart of Covent Garden and filled with stunning exhibits; the Museum explores the powerful link between transport and the growth of modern London, culture and society since 1800. Historic vehicles, world-famous posters and the very best objects from the Museum’s extraordinary collection are brought together to tell the story of London’s development and the part transport played in defining the unique identity of the city.

·         London Transport Museum is an educational and heritage preservation charity. Its purpose is to conserve and explain the history of London’s transport, to offer people an understanding of the Capital’s past development and to engage them in the debate about its future. The Museum’s charity number is 1123122.

·         London Transport Museum is supported by public funding from Arts Council England

·         London Transport Museum opening hours:

  • Daily 10.00 to 18.00 (last admission 17.15)

·       Public information:

  • Talks & events bookings: +44 (0)20 7565 7298 
  • Switchboard:  +44 (0)20 7379 6344 – general information
  • Address: Covent Garden Piazza, WC2E 7BB
  • 24 hour information: +44 (0)20 7565 7299

About the Association of Illustrators

·         The Association of Illustrators (AOI) is the UK’s leading illustration body supporting and sustaining illustrators and the illustration industry. Established in 1973 the AOI offers members professional support, online resources and a growing programme of events. The AOI has successfully increased the standing of illustration as a profession and improved commercial and ethical conditions. With a membership that includes freelance illustrators, agents, students and colleges the AOI continues to educate future generations and support illustrators at every stage of their career. It publishes the biannual Varoom magazine and has run juried illustration Awards, such as the World Illustration Awards, for over 40 years.

·         The Association of Illustrators, telephone: 020 7759 1010, email:

26.03.19 – Back by Popular Demand ‘Where are our rebellions now?’ Before Stonewall film, panel and party

2019 is the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots that led to birth of modern Pride (‘You can’t have Pride without the Marsha P Johnson’ photo above) as we know it and we are going to celebrate in style.

On the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots we are pleased to announce ‘Where are our rebellions now?’ is BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND on 26th March 2019 7-11pm at East London’s queer home that is the Glory! Film, panel and party! With the Film ‘Before Stonewall The history of the Gay and Lesbian community before the Stonewall riots began the major gay rights movement’ followed by an interactive inter-generational conversation between founders of Gay Liberation Front (GLF) UK who started Pride in London and a new generation of LGBTQIA+ artists, activists performers and DJ’s to be announced. 

The event is free but all donations to ‘Stansted 15′ / End Deportations / Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants (LGSM) / all tickets at / be sure to book your tickets ASAP here as there are limited spaces!

Here’s what happened last time! Thanks to all our amazing speakers and everyone who participated – all details here!

‘QUEER TOURS OF LONDON – A Mince Through Time’ exist to bring forth the visibility of our incredible community at large and the journey to how we became who we are today. Against the backdrop of the mass closure of LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex) cultural spaces and support services, ‘QUEER TOURS OF LONDON’ are being developed to support London’s current queer activism, culture and performance in all its glory. /

For Immediate Release 24.01.19 – Hundreds to protest LGBT+ murders at Russian Embassy on Holocaust Memorial Day

This Holocaust Memorial Day – 27th January – hundreds of people from London’s LGBT+ community and their allies will protest outside the Russian Embassy in London against the new wave of brutal attacks against LGBT+ people that are taking place in Chechnya, Russia. Their message will be ‘NEVER AGAIN EVER!’

This Holocaust Memorial Day – 80 years since the start of World War II – the protest  remembers the thousands of LGBTQI+ who perished during the Nazi Holocaust and the millions of Queers across the world who have been killed or brutalised since. The protests immediate focus is to act for those who have been killed, detained and tortured in a new crackdown on LGBT+ people in Chechnya.

The reports earlier this month echo those that started in 2017 and haven’t stopped since. Hundreds of people were rounded up because of their sexuality or perceived sexuality by authorities in Chechnya and subjected to beatings and electric shocks in secret prisons, provoking international condemnation and sanctions. Worryingly, verified reports from the Russian LGBT Network suggest three people have been killed in recent weeks.

The protests Demands

  1. We call on Theresa May to publicly condemn these atrocities;
  2. We ask all Governments to give shelter to those fleeing from Chechnya;
  3. We call for a United Nations Independent Investigation on Russia with a specific mandate on the human rights violations in the Chechen Republic
  4. We urge Russian authorities to bring those responsible for these atrocities to justice and, failing that, for the international community to intervene and arraign the perpetrators before the ICJ

Testimonials in support –

‘We are truly grateful to everyone who supports us! Moreover, we believe that it was an international pressure that stopped the first wave of persecution, so yes, it will be very useful!’ Russian LGBT Network

“The heart-breaking reports of renewed state torture and murder of LGBT+ people are a damning indictment of the tyrannical Chechen regime and of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. He has refused to use his powers to stop the homophobic terror campaign and to bring perpetrators to justice. We deplore all human rights abuses in Chechnya – including detention without trial, torture and arbitrary killings. At this protest, we stand in solidarity with Chechen LGBTs and all persecuted Chechen people.” Peter Tatchell, Director of the human rights organisation, the Peter Tatchell Foundation

‘All four of my grandparents were Nazi Holocaust survivors. The influence their stories had on me was one of my main reasons I co-founded ‘Queer Tours of London – A Mince Through Time’. I know all too well how the LGBTQI+ community has suffered but also resisted fascism throughout history. Wild horses wouldn’t stop me from getting involved in this Sunday’s protest to make sure homophobic genocidal maniacs get their comeuppance! I’m so looking forward to be with our glorious LGBTQI+ community in London, send love and solidarity to our Chechen queer family and in my own way – get justice for others that my grandparents never had. Never Again Ever!’ dan glass ‘Queer Tours of London – A Mince Through Time’

‘I thoroughly condemned the actions of the Chechen government and the brutal treatment of it’s Lgbt+ citizens, which is tantamount to state sponsored genocide. We, the Muslim Lgbt+ community in the UK stand in solidarity with our Lgbt+ friends and allies in Chechnya.’ Ejel Khan, LGBTQIA+/Human Rights Activist & Freelancer

‘We must all come together, all manner of humanity – queer, trans, bi,non-identifying,  hetero, whatever sort of human being you see yourself as … and explicitly, loudly and clearly, resoundingly reverberate our shared message in front of the Russian Embassy, that the horrific and cruel, deeply prejudiced mistreatment of our Chechynean sisters and brothers is wholly unacceptable. We will all come together with controlled rage, non-violence, and  deep Love, explicitly showing that all human brothers and sisters are one, and we will not have it any other way.’ Steve Burak

Michael Salter-Church MBE, Co-Chair of Pride in London, said: “50 years on from brave activists taking a stand at Stonewall, the appalling events in Chechnya highlight with vivid brutality that the fight isn’t over. “Whilst the UK is focused on Brexit we mustn’t forget those who need our support. We must take a stand for our community in countries where they can’t as it could – and does – cost them their lives. The British Government must raise this at the highest level with Russia and call for both an end to this persecution and the prosecution of the perpetrators. Let us also show the world our support of human rights by raising this at the UN. “We urge members of the LGBT+ community in London to join protests and give money to activists in Chechnya, Russia and other countries where people face death and imprisonment for being who they are.”

The news of a new wave of anti-gay persecution in Chechnya is deeply disturbing. Silence is complicity. All world leaders, including the UK Prime minister, must condemn these atrocities and ask Russian authorities to bring those responsible to justice.’ Matt Beard, Executive Director, All Out.

Fifty years ago this June the LGBTI movement was born. This human rights crisis demands that we all become activists like those brave people half a century ago. We cannot stand back whilst our LGBTI siblings are being detained, tortured and killed.’ Kristine Garina, President, EuroPride

Contacts –

Shames Abdelwahab – 0044 (0)2033972190 /

Dan glass – 0044 (0)7717811747 /

Yuri Guaiana – +39 340 46 94 701 –

Notes To Editors

27.01.19 – 1pm – 2pm QUEER POWER PROTEST against Chechnyan murders this Holocaust Memorial Day – Facebook page here – PLEASE SHARE THIS FAR AND WIDE – WE ARE HERE! WE ARE QUEER! All contributions / if you would like to speak / press requests to

Where – Russian consulate, Corner of Bayswater Road and Ossington Street, London W2 4LW – nearest tube ‘Notting Hill Gate’

When – 1-2pm on Sunday 27th January 2019

What – Please bring as many people as you can AND bring as many pairs of shoes as possible for a sculpture of shoes just like those piled up outside of Auschwitz.


Please support and sign the global ‘All Out’ petition here –

Donate here – and support the Peter Tatchell Foundation here –