Book your tickets here – 23.02.18 -Trans History tour of London – Stonewall Riots at 50

For as long as there has been gender, there have been people playing with its boundaries, subverting its categorisations, and expressing it according to their own truth – but this has never been easy, and with the current state of the world trans people seem to be more under scrutiny than ever before. But what can you do? You want to be a good ally but don’t know where to start…. perhaps you’re starting to question your own gender and don’t know where it’ll lead… or maybe you’re an out and proud trans warrior wanting to find out that bit more about your roots? Join Queer Tours of London on this brand new trans focussed tour, helping you unpack the jargon, debunk the myths, and learn a few home truths along the way.
This tour is in tribute to Marsha P Johnson – the Trans Woman of Colour who co founded ‘Street Transvestites Action Revolutionaries (STAR) and started modern Pride at the Stonewall Riots on 2019 the 50th anniversary of Stonewall – and everyone everywhere fighting for absolute queer freedom for all. 

Facebook page here – get your tickets here – £5 unwaged, £10 waged, £15 solidarity – profits go to Transfiguration – Trans Helpline. We have some free tickets for LGBT+ migrants and for LGBT+ people struggling with housing. If this is you and / or you have any issues being able to afford the ticket please email us ASAP on All press requests please email

With your host Dani – ‘The DaniSinger Experience’ Singer aka Dani Dinger has “a winning smile” (Exeunt Magazine 2018) and a gender which has been described as “one of the great ideological experiments of the 21st Century” (Instagram direct message 2018). They have been tour guiding for ten years in different guises, and have been part of QToL for almost two. They’re best known for being the person who gets naked at clubs. #RobbieWilliamsIsMyGender #TransOnTrend.